Radiology Service Providers

The diagnostic is the core of modern age medical treatment. Teleradiology solution in India is going to be the vital part of remote treatment strategy inevitably, even post COVID-19 pandemic settlement. Outsourcing Xray reporting online is going to be the norm.

Teleradiology reporting helps the hospitals and diagnostic centers to get radiology reports from the qualified and experienced radiologists promptly without hiring them fulltime. On the other side, radiologists as well have more opportunities to provide their services online to more clients. RSP (Radiology Service Providers), a cloud-based digital platform designed by Universal Mednet, makes the teleradiology reporting services more dependable and future-oriented.

RSP Features & Benefits – Radiology Software why You Need It:

• Cost Saver: Healthcare and diagnostic centers can reduce the salary burden by hiring the radiologists on a per reporting basis.

• Rich Database of Radiologists: Hospitals and diagnostic centers can explore the expanding database of radiologists to hire the best.

• Cross Checking Facility: In case of doubts, the outsourced radiology report can be cross-checked by tapping another radiologist.

• Free UniMediLocker: RSP, the online radiology reporting software, comes with a free ‘UniMediLocker’ that facilitates the patients and doctors to access the report anytime and anywhere.

• Record Management: The radiology reports can be stored and managed efficiently in digital space by self.

• Mobile-Friendly: RSP empowers you to play the professional role even while on the move; it is Android and IOS friendly.

• Goes Beyond Geographical Limits: No need to depend just upon the local radiologists; you have the world to hire the radiologist of your choice who can deliver at your preferred time.

RSP – A Remarkable solution for online CT reporting
The low availability and wage costs of experienced Radiologists are critical challenges that are affecting the growth rate and profitability of healthcare businesses. These challenges are forcing the hospitals and diagnostic centers to upgrade their services and adapting automation for quicker response time. Changing preferences and increasing expectations of patients, post COVID-19 regulations, raising awareness about the treatment and procedure, rising cost of operations, increasing competition, the emergence of new players, etc. are some of the challenges which make outsourcing of reporting services more essential. RSP benefits the hospitals, medical colleges/institutes, healthcare organizations, and diagnostic centers as well as it helps the career and growth-oriented teleradiology specialists in multiple ways:

S.N. RSP for hospitals, medical institutes, healthcare & diagnostic centers RSP for Radiologists

1. Reduced treatment cost Career building in radiology reporting services

2. Faster report service Freedom to work for more radiology labs

3. Better quality of radiology reporting Freedom to work anytime- even as a part-time

4. Any time access to report Freedom to manage workload

5. Strengthens social image Builds professional reputation as digital savvy

6. Faster treatment planning More you work, more you earn

7. Automated record management Builds visible credibility.

Concluding Note:

Cloud-based reporting of radiology tests is drawing the full-scale attention of diagnostic centers and radiologists worldwide. The reasonably priced teleradiology reporting services are getting more importance and acceptance because of the perceptible shift from the prescriptive to low-cost preventive healthcare. RSP – a responsive platform brings the diagnostic centers and radiologists closer to support them to grow steadily in an ever-changing competitive environment.