Teleradiology Services

While the world is starting to unlock after the widespread Covid-19 lockdowns, things are not going to get back to normal anytime soon. It is a fact that everyone will have to accept that certain aspects of the ‘new normal’ are here to stay. One of the most prominent and widely used part of the new form of life is working from home or working remotely.

Just like any other job, the hospitals are also starting to enter the arena of remote working and they are armed with some of the most effective tools for achieving success. A prominent way forward for hospitals to work remotely in the changing times is with the use of artificial intelligence in radiology and more.

Extensive availability and use of platforms that offer services like radiology reporting online are the current game changers and hospitals are making the most of these services. With the help of the online platforms hospitals choose to create a seamless link between the experts and those that seek medical diagnosis and help. The online platforms serve as DIACOM viewers for the radiology experts, which is how online reporting is made possible. It is made sure that minimal contact in times of inevitable social distancing is maintained without compromising the healthcare needs of patients. The most advanced tele-radiology platforms make it a point to create simple and easy to access alternatives for the radiologists that prefer to diagnose online.

The Covid-19 pandemic has also led to a serious dearth of healthcare experts, particularly radiologists which is why reaching out to tele-radiology specialists becomes a must for hospitals. Just as hospitals work remotely, the radiology experts also work remotely and help hospital patients get the help that they need. In times when health care experts from all fields are constantly pushing work boundaries, it makes sense to come up with solutions that help the experts in working remotely with ease and help more number of people. With the use of the best tele-radiology solutions in India hospitals are making sure that the show goes on and that non-Covid patients get the attention that they need and deserve. The changing times need unique solutions, which is something that hospitals are achieving with the help of tele-radiology reporting services through online platforms.

Finally, the most important link that enables social distancing and working remotely for hospitals is reaching out with the reports to the patients through online platforms. With the help of online report locker systems, it is possible for hospitals to make sure that they remain in close contact with their patients, without having to actually get people to come to the premises for unimportant tasks such as collection of reports. When an amalgamation of, reporting platforms, radiology reporting services and storage of reports online is achieved,the beginning of a new era in healthcare can be unlocked.

With the help of initiatives such as tele-radiology reporting services on tele-radiology platforms hospitals enable themselves to have better control over the way in which patients are served and this is further strengthened with the help of cloud report storage systems for patients.