The COVID-19 pandemic has pressed the pause button on nearly the entire world. People haven’t been able to step out of their homes to take healthcare opinions for non-COVID related diseases. While patients are waiting for life to get back to normal, healthcare practitioners are facing the brunt of low footfalls. There will be new norms that will have to be accepted, and this also applies to get healthcare and medical diagnosis. Hospitals will have to adopt new and innovative measures to reach out to those that need help with diseases apart from Coronavirus infections because healthcare cannot be limited even in the times of a pandemic. Using alternatives such as Telemedicine or online consultation platforms like iMediX is the only alternative.

There are Health-Tech companies in India that offer such a platform that allows health caregivers to provide their services remotely. This implies that hospitals can now adopt such platforms and provide OPD consultations to their patients remotely. Social distancing in times of COVID-19 is best maintained with the help of solutions as iMediX.

Hospitals need to rely heavily on technology in the changing times so that they can be of service to their patients. When people need to get in touch with doctors for their health problems, they should not have to fight with the threat of getting infected with viruses and online consultations, prescription and reporting are going to be the new norm.

Hospitals, though, need to pick a reliable and trustworthy platform like iMediX. Developed by the experts at IIT Kharagpur, iMediX is a feature-rich Telemedicine platform.

iMediX is built to support multi-Doctor large OPDs. With iMediX, you can manage your appointments & payments, view patient history & scans, and do much more from the web and even from your phone. This interactive solution lets you zoom in and view for finer clinical observations along with the feature of visualization and annotation on medical images

Provide your patients with safety, along with the satisfaction of a physical consultation with iMediX. iMediX is highly secured and follows standards related to data storage and Telemedicine, giving your Hospital OPD big boost while ensuring your as well as your patient’s privacy. Try iMediX today