The disruption that the COVID-19 has created has not left any arena of life untouched; this means that people with other ailments are also finding it challenging to get the right kind of medical aid. People are fearful of getting exposed to and infected by the coronavirus, which is why they refrain from stepping out of the house even when they need attention to health issues. In times when moving out of the house is a huge risk, health care professionals should look to innovative newer consultation tools like the iMediX. With the help of online platforms for consultation, doctors and hospitals can reach out to their patients and be of service to those in need.

In the current scenario, Hospitals are having a dilemma about how to operate their OPD departments. One side patients are fearful of the virus, and on the other, Doctors are also not sure about how to manage the OPDs under the looming threat to their own lives.

 Under such circumstances, solutions like iMediX prove to be most resourceful because they become a link between those in need of medical attention and those that can provide the right kind of help. It is essential to realize that medical problems do not wait for the pandemic to subside, which is why professionals have to find a way to get around it and treat their patients. It is also essential to ensure that the correct methods of social distancing are practiced while offering to help patients. With the help of online consultation and diagnostic tools from iMediX, it is possible to have a win-win solution.

The conventional consultations getting replaced by the virtual ones with the help of iMediX is a boon. The entire experience is digitized and optimized, starting from managing appointments, viewing patient history and reports, managing prescriptions, cross-referencing with other Doctors in the OPD, and even managing payments. The iMediX ensures that the experience of consultation becomes completely seamless in terms of diagnosis as well as documentation and administrative tasks.

It can be summarized and concluded that in times of the COVID crisis, it takes much forward-thinking to create the new normal trends. In the field of healthcare, it is most important to make sure that foolproof solutions are made available for the sake of business continuity.

iMediX is highly secured and follows standards related to data storage and Telemedicine, giving your Hospital OPD big boost while ensuring your as well as your patient’s privacy. With the availability of iMediX, doctors, hospitals, and other healthcare providers achieve the power to remain in service when they are needed. It is safe to say that the way forward in the world of medical practices for the foreseeable future is in platforms like iMediX. Going online is truly important for medical consultations for the present and future times.