The growing demand for image and diagnostic interpretation services in radiology across the world has highlighted two issues: the shortage of in-house professionals for radiology reporting services and the absence of specialization in the overall particular stream of radiology. Teleradiology emerges as the best way for image transferring and getting the analytical diagnosis report online from remote radiologists. Today, radiology reporting online is the increasing trend being followed by more and more numbers of hospitals, medical institutes, health care centers, and private clinics. Over the decade, teleradiology has emerged as the online earning booster for radiologists as it helps them get online assignments with freedom beyond the limits- location and time. RSP is one such digital platform that brings doctors, patients, and radiologists on a single platform.

Growing Importance of Teleradiology Reporting Services:

Interpretation of all the digitized x-rays, MRI, ultrasound, CT, and other images has become the first line for treatment in most of the complicated cases. Teleradiology, since its first trial in 1929 for dental x-ray interpretation, has made several advances. The growing availability of high-speed lines and the internet also contributes to the increasing importance of teleradiology reporting services. RSP through teleradiology software has a high potential for radiologists to earn more and to expand their customer base consistently. As it reduces the time gap between the imaging and analytical reporting, most of the doctors prefer to outsource online radiology reporting instead of waiting for getting the required report prepared by the regular/local/in-house radiologist.

RSP – A Great Help for Radiologists:

Universal Mednet’s RSP is one of a kind platform designed for radiologists to get new assignments online from the diagnostic centers and vice versa. The holistic improvement approach for patient care is encouraging more doctors, radiology/diagnostic clinics to work with RSP because it is technically advanced, robust, secure, easy to use, and popular. Just a simple registration at RSP helps the radiologists to find new doctors and diagnostic labs searching for a radiologist with required specialization. As the record of completed assignments is stored for future reference, it helps the radiologists to build on the personal identity and repute. The more you work, the better your reputation goes. RSP is global; therefore, radiologists in India are not dependent just on providing anytime online x-ray reporting or online CT reporting services to local healthcare services providers; the world is the canvas where they can draw a big picture of their success. Is it easy to get new radiology assignments through RSP (Radiology Service Providers, a cloud-based digital platform)? Yes, just get registered and explore the ‘open assignments’ of liking. When a diagnostic center searches a radiologist of particular qualification, specialization, and experience, your profile will be matched with the client automatically.

The practice of transferring the images to distant locations beyond geographical limits for quick interpretation and right diagnosis is benefiting the patients, hospitals/diagnosis centers, doctors, radiologists, and others. The increasing awareness for low-cost preventive healthcare is making teleradiology reporting services more important and in demand, and the RSP like mobile platform helps the competent radiologists not only to have new assignments online but also to develop themselves as a brand.