Are Cloud-Based EHRs the Solution to Interoperability?

The use of cloud-based systems for storage and access to information is making its way in every sphere of life. Right from storing and sharing work files on free platforms to elaborate enterprise resource management systems of large corporates, everything works using the cloud. With the popularity of the technology, the world is steadily moving towards integrating the cloud with medical practices for reporting, report sharing, and storage using electronic health records systems. In the times that we live in, it is most important to leverage technology in the treatment processes such as diagnoses and reporting.

One of the best ways technology can be used for healthcare service providers to help patients is by promoting online health record systems or cloud-based medical vaults, commonly referred to as Personal Health Record systems (PHR). Here is a list of some of the advantages of having access to your health data online:

Management: One can eliminate the hassle of managing files and folders using an electronic device. The trouble of forgetting files or missing reports can be completely overcome with digital health records.

Emergency Access: One can choose to make the most of even an unplanned visit to a healthcare specialist if you have all your health records on the cloud. You do not have to worry about not having your physical records with you when you have to meet a doctor.

Longevity: The cloud-based medical records, particularly the DICOM and other files, do not need maintenance when they are all available online. You do not have to worry about wear and tear to the reports when lugging them everywhere.

Second Opinion: Healthcare specialists also find great benefit from accessing reports online as they can easily share documents and images with other doctors for discussions or opinions, which may not be a possibility with physical reports.

Save Resources: Patient health records online can end up saving several resources such as time, effort, and money as the availability of older test reports on the cloud eliminates the need to run new tests in many cases.

No Loss: Loss of reports can be completely avoided when you have electronic medical reports. It is possible to have complete access to all the files of reports no matter how old they are and where they were taken.  

Adopting technological tools like UniMediLocker is the only way to ensure that your health does not take a back seat when it should be your top priority. Since the healthcare specialists are all moving towards using technology to treat patients, it is time the people take it seriously too.