Technology is capable of being one of the biggest stimulus for improving not just the quality of healthcare delivered, but also of ensuring it reaches more people faster and simultaneously than we have ever imagined. In a populated country like India, technology-based care coordination processes that use multi-media digital platforms for enabling innovative models of healthcare delivery within formal systems of care mean a large public health impact. This remains our focus at Universal Mednet.

Our products

Universal Mednet aims to create seamless connectivity between healthcare organisations, medical professionals and the common man.

Medilocker-Digital locker for Medical Reports

A digital locker that stores all medical reports of a patient. It can be accessed anytime from anywhere by the patient.

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Advanced Teleradiology Platform ,Teleradiology software providers in india

The advanced radiology PACS enables reporting by radiologists on our network for any diagnostic centre.

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Teleradiology Service Providers , Teleradiology Reporting Service

An aggregator for remote reporting, this platform bridges the huge gap between the increasing need for radiology .

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Teleradiology Service Providers , Teleradiology Reporting Service

With iMediX, you can manage your appointments & payments, view patient history & scans, and do much more from the web and even from your phone.

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See what our Doctors have to say about us

We have been working with Universal Mednet since 2019 and have found their products & service quality a class apart. The introduction of their Advance Teleradiology PACS system has added immensely to our work efficiency as well as service to our patients. Their ability to solve technical challenges and flexibility makes them one of the most valuable service providers. Mr. Raheja and his team have earned our adulations.

Dr. Suyash Kulkarni
Prof. & Head, Dept. of Radio-Diagnosis ,
Tata Memorial Center

The interface is pretty good. There is a minor issue when we type the report sometimes the editing doesn't work, making us type the entire thing again. Other than that it's quite easy to use

Dr.Sakshi Kalra

It's helpful But take time to handy to all functions

Dr.Vijay Solanke

Sir software is very handy,easy to use & have given all option which needed for reporting


It is the best app than PACS which is available in Radiology department, but I don't know how will it work on major scan like abdomen and lower limb angio but for head and HRCT very useful


Ekam cool chalato

Dr.Sudesh Mate

The app works very well. Very handy and fast, smooth and easy to use, good interface, and an excellent technical support. Must have for every resident, be it Radiology or other clinician. Can solve entire purpose of bedside support of Radiology investigations reviews. If possible extend support and database for pathology investigations also, so that every physician can access everything bedside thus improving quality of care for doctors as well as patients. Few suggestions : Many times, studies do not open and gets locked


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Picture Archive and Communication System (PACS) is must-have support for the medical institutions, hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centers, and tele radiologists interested in continuing their work without any obstruction, especially in the times of the COVID pandemic.


The use of cloud-based systems for storage and access to information is making its way in every sphere of life. Right from storing and sharing work files on free platforms to elaborate enterprise resource management systems of large corporates, everything works using the cloud.


India is moving towards a new dawn, waking up to a digital era of functioning in all areas that one can think about. However, the government’s latest reforms point to consolidated health records in India digitally. The NDHM aims to be a one-stop seamless solution for everything to do with health records and this is set to be applied through medical facilities, hospitals, and health care centres all across the country’s length and breadth.